Blue Sky Angling is a new and innovative baitboat design specialist making waves in the angling industry. Our LakeStar baitboat has recieved a particularly warm welcome. Here are just a few of the reviews we have had;

Carp World MagazineCarp World (Nov 2004)

"The speed of this boat is unbelievable - it is almost twice as fast as the Microcat or Viper... For big waters, this boat really is a brilliant piece of kit, and it handles even the worst kind of conditions better than any other boat on the market, even the Microcat".

Crafty Carper

" Enter the Lakestar Bait Boat. It's big, it's bold and it's built to take on all-comers. It oozes quality and looks very slick; the makers have really done their homework on the design of this boat. The classy, deep tri-hull design, is built to deal with the big swell associated with the bigger windswept waters, yet is qually at home on the local 10-acre gravel pit. Check out the two stainless steel driving props, encased in a stainless steel weed shield mesh to allow a free run in bad conditions, or where surface or drifting weed could be a problem... If you're contemplating parting with your hard earned wedge and investing in a bait boat this year, you'd be well advised to check the Lakestar out."

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The LakeStar - The Ultimate Bait Boat ! - Will out perform the Microcat & Viper in every respect, including Speed, Bait Carrying Capacity, Running Time etc".

Brentwood Angling

"This is a full specification bait that is taking the carp fishing scene by storm. It is one of the most advanced bait boats ever produced! Just take a look and the massive specification below and you will agree with us that this bait boat takes some beating! The read what Crafty Carper has to say in their great magazine, they give it the big thumbs up!"