Blue Sky Angling is a leading UK baitboat design company. Using advanced design and technology techniques our designers and engineers have pushed baitboat design into a new era.

Our Mission

Blue Sky Angling aims to provide the angling community with quality baitboats for an enhanced fishing experience.

Blue Sky Angling ProfileCompany Profile

Blue Sky Angling is one of the UK's fastest growing bait boat manufacturers. A relatively new company Blue Sky Angling has already obtained several international contracts. While demand for our baitboats grows we are conscious that the quality of our boats does not suffer as a consequence, we are confident that our bait boats are worth waiting for. .Our boats have been through the toughest tests to ensure endurance and stability.

Blue Sky Angling - The Best DesignersLeading Designer

Heading the design team is Andy Kitchen. Andy has been designing bait boats for the past decade and formed his own bait boat company where he developed his skills. Andy has now left his first company behind to introduce new finance, new ideas, and new technology to Blue Sky Angling Ltd.

Andy Kitchen is without doubt one of the most intuitive and innovative UK baitboat designers. His designs have always received warm welcomes and excellent reviews. A keen angler himself he insists on personally testing all designs to ensure endurance and stability before production.

Blue Sky Angling - Technical ExcellenceTechnical Staff

The Blue Sky Angling Technical Staff is made up of a team of local technicians. The technical team prides itself on quality, ensuring all Blue Sky Angling's baitboats are produced to the highest of standards.